This Much I Know Is True – Part 2

I can’t go on like this. No one deserves to be in distress for someone who isn’t sure of her feelings. That would be unfair. Who wants to be unfair? I definitely don’t want to be.”

Her decision is so sudden. Though she has been pondering about it for a countless time. She knows what she wants now. She understands that she should rest content with what she has, but she just can’t fool herself. She decided to end a love for another that she can never have. She isn’t happy. But she sure is not lonely, either. She feels satisfied in knowing that she made the right decision (or at least that was what she believes).

The sun shines with a sign of a new beginning and new hope. She wanders confidently and let the sun caress her skin. She still sees and watches you from afar. But this time, she knows that when you caught her looking at you, she doesn’t have to avert her eyes and pretend to be looking away. You’re a dream. Just a dream. A beautiful dream.

She feels her heart afloat as the day ends. She has this unexplainable feeling of joy as she lays down to her bed. Her mind — still full of thoughts, but less the confusion. She knew, she has found something (or maybe someone) she has been looking for quite some time now — herself. She found her without having someone to define her. She found her not because she was lost, but because she has been someone else’s shadow for so long. She smiled with contentment as she closed her eyes. Then she falls asleep.



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