About Topsy-Turvy


I have this feeling that saying something about myself isn’t as easy as when I’m asked what my favorite chocolate is (It’s Mars, btw).

Well, I am Jane Bernadine Parco.

Ja /Janine to my family, relatives, and childhood friends.

Jane / Janeh to my friends and colleagues.

Only three people have dared to call me by my second name– my kindergarten teacher, my 3rd year HS English teacher, and my English professor during 1st year college. (And yes, they also happen to be my favorite mentors)

I’m an introvert (or at least what those surveys I took had proven me). 😉

It is in writing that I become extroverted. It’s like talking to people, without the talking. 😉

A hopeless writer who cannot finish a decent novel and hates writer’s block… which leads to my love of poetry and random writings.

I love how reading poems relaxes and inspires me, much more when I’m the one to write them.

I love how I can relate to music  with its lyrics, much more when I hear the melody alone.

I love how endless thoughts fill my mind, much more when they are no longer inside of me.

Her mind is an unquiet one, words and thoughts and impulses constantly crashing into each other.

― David LevithanEvery Day

I love life, much more those people who make it worth living. 🙂

More about me on This Side.


8 thoughts on “About Topsy-Turvy

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  3. “It is in writing that I become extroverted. It’s like talking to people, without the talking.”

    I love your blog description 😀 I’m a self proclaimed introvert-extrovert too 😀 Cheers

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